Eligibility Criteria

All participants below the age of 18, must have a parent or guardians consent on terms and conditions in order to take
part in the contest.
I agree to provide a valid email address for contest notifications and to easily facilitate the transfer of any contest
winnings via e-Transfer.
I agree, to send up to a 2 min auto biography video, to be placed with my profile.
I agree that this video, and all videos submitted, are a true likeness of my person and a true likeness of my voice.
I agree to create the required original video content necessary for submitting my entries, and understand that each video
must be 5 minutes or less.
I agree and understand that any content submitted to Cash Karaoke may be used as promotional material.
I agree there is nothing offensive in my Video Submission.

Video Requirements and Acceptable Formats

We accept videos in MP4 format. All the videos should be in landscape mode. Aspect ratio for the accepted video
submission should be 16:9.Minimum size for the video is 1920×1080.
All the videos that fail to comply with given standards will be rejected and vocalists will be disqualified from the

Contest Rules

I agree to be judged on my submitted content, first by the administration, second by the audience.
I agree, if I am the Grand Winner of this Competition, to submit a thank-you video to the Cash Karaoke administration team
to be used for promotional purposes – and not compete for 1 year.
I understand that my $20 registration fee is valid for all 8 preliminary rounds and if I am not chosen the first week to
compete, I may still be chosen to compete in a following week.
I also understand that I may be chosen by the administration to compete a second time during the preliminary rounds.
Registration Fee
I understand that my Registration Fee ($20 CDN) is non-refundable and valid only for the particular contest I am
Any participants who have taken part in the past must re-register for each new competition.
We use Paypal for processing payment. All disputes related to payment will be taken care of by Paypal. However, we may
help with transaction reference numbers in case of dispute.

Competition Advancement

I understand, If I am invited to compete, I will be notified via email.
I agree, if I advance from the preliminary round, to submit two (2) videos with one song each for the semi-final round.
I agree, if I advance from the semi-final round, to submit three (3) videos with one song each for the final round.
I understand that I may use my previously submitted videos OR submit new videos and songs. It is my choice.


I understand Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are auditions.
I understand Sunday is the competition.
I understand the winners will be shown on Monday.
I understand Tuesday through Thursday Random vocalists will be shown. This IS NOT the competition.

In the Event of a Tie

In the Event of a Tie I agree if there is a tie during either the preliminary or semi-final round, that the tiebreaker decision
will go to the administration.
I agree if there is a tie during the finals, the prize will be split evenly and both will be declared the Grand Winner.
I understand if I fail to comply with the Terms and Conditions of this competition that it may lead to disqualification (we
accept no liability, there will be no refunds).

Registration Fee

Registration Fee (C$ 20) is non-refundable. It is valid for the particular contest only. A participant who has already
competed in a past competition must register and pay the registration fee again.
We use Paypal for processing payment. All the disputes related to payment will be taken care by Paypal. However, we may
help with transaction reference number in case of dispute.

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